Introducing urbi

In News by Elle Edwards

As urbi finally launches here in Perth, we thought we would give you a proper introduction to the most key player in our bike sharing concept: URBI BIKE! For those who love a bit of European luxe, our bike was designed by the same bike share bicycle designers in Copenhagen, the home of bike share.

Our bike is suited to everyone, every day here in Perth. The low crossbar means you won’t have to be a gymnast to get onto our bike. It allows a small, graceful step over, and a seat fit for Queen Elizabeth’s derriere.  Whether you’re dressed for uni, work or a date, our unisex bike won’t crimp your style, and the adjustable seat height allows for all things great and small. And our loud bell will let everyone know you’re here.
Worried about sweating off today’s face? No need to stress – the pedals require minimal push for power. Our bike has three gears allowing for the ultimate ride. Whether you are cruising to your first date from Tinder, breezily gliding to work, or powering up the hill to work off that three-scoop ice cream, we have the gear for you.

The dynamo lights will shine the light on your path to work, whilst your front and rear wheel brakes are there to stop you from riding into danger.

Our urbi bike’s stand is unique, and requires a kick up to ride, and a push down to stand. Unlike most other bike’s our urbi bike is independent, and don’t need no wall to lean upon.

The built in lock, means that after you unlock the bike, you don’t need to worry about misplacing it. It’ll hang on, while you put the pedals to the metal.