So why ride urbi?

In News by Elle Edwards

Pavement pounding versus urbi pedals
Now I’m sure I’m not the only one rolling out of bed late every Monday. The panic between the alarm and the sign in at work or stumble through the lecture doors is never pretty. So why put your body through more stress, hurdling your bags, and legs through the city from the car park to the office. Jump on an urbi bike, and pedal! Walking can be great, but on average, it takes up to 8-10x longer to reach your destination than cycling. Only 1km? Perfect! Save 9 minutes by jumping on a bike, and pedaling your way to an early sign-on.

Driving versus urbi pedals
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love secretly listening and singing to the radio on their way to work? It’s definitely not the entertainment that frustrates us nearly as much as parking. Unfortunately, in and around Perth there is limited parking in commuter hot spots. Therefore, once we are lucky to score a park, we never want to leave and hermit ourselves there until we are forced to go. Fortunately for commuters around Joondalup, they now have the option of jumping on the train, or parking that extra distance away, and using urbi as their last connection, between the station or car park to work! This means, even if we’ve traveled from near or afar, we can still reach work in time, without copping a huge parking fine, or having to worry about missing our clock-on time because we were caught with no spot for our automobile.

Private bike troubles versus the ease of urbi pedals
The difference between riding your own private pedal pusher and jumping on an urbi bike can mean the difference between joy and frustration city. Riding your own private bike into work means no matter any sudden dire consequences at the end of the day, be it a sudden bad change in weather, having a few to many wines with Bob on Melbourne cup day, or simply not quite feeling like pushing yourself home, you have sworn yourself to that task. You need to get your bicycle back to the comfort of home sweet home. In the case of an urbi bike, you needn’t worry about such trivial things. If you decide to ride an urbi bike into work, lock it up at the station, and decide at the end of the day that you aren’t quite feeling up to the ride: it’s no big deal, no worries at all. The ease and convenience of using the urbi bikes, and not having to worry about the tyre, chain and whatever other repairs your beloved private bike needs, but never really gets – are no longer a problem. That elusive bike pump that you could have sworn was in the garage behind the surf board can stay hidden, the chain grease that used to be in the little bottle under the counter can rest undisturbed while you trust our urbi bikes to be maintained carefully for your riding pleasure.
The same can be said for your Sunday morning ride down to the coffee shop. There is no need to risk your beautifully crafted $2000 road bike getting nicked, just ride down on a comfortable blue urbi bike.
Isn’t it nice to have so many options?