Transition Town Bayswater meets urbi

In News by Aleisha Orr

Since setting up our bike-share network in Joondalup, we’ve had a lot of interest from people and groups from different parts of Perth.
Earlier in the month a group from Transition Town Bayswater headed north to take a ride on urbi bikes.
The group, who has a focus on community and sustainability, travelled to Joondalup on the train.
Transition Town Bayswater member Julia said they took the opportunity to head to Joondalup to learn about the bike-share network.
Not deterred by the grey skies, they made a day of it and took a ride around Lake Joondalup.
Julia said Bayswater was a good place for cycling and she could see potential for small scale bike-share to be incorporated into Bayswater to connect areas of interest.