urbi arrives at Joondalup Health Campus

In News by Abi Lee

We are excited to announce the deployment of our Joondalup-urbi bike share stations at the Health Campus! This means patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff can utilise our service in and around Joondalup.

With rising rates of obesity and other health-related disease, the importance of exercise increases, and the more we should be moving and shaking. Incidental exercise is a great way to keep active, and by using a combination of public transport for longer journeys and urbi as a last-mile connection we can get you from where you are to where you want to be. Incorporating exercise into travel time is an efficient use of time. Studies have shown that the incorporation of exercise into daily routine decreases stress and incidence of lifestyle-related disease – so really it’s a win for your schedule AND your body.

Riding from the hospital to the shopping centre for a (cheeky) Nandos or a nice cup of coffee at lunchtime will be so much easier with our bikes being so easily accessible. (And obviously less guilt for ordering a large instead of a regular.)

As said by student doctor, Jasmin Sekhon;


“Having urbi here would mean I wouldn’t need to sit in traffic and fight for a parking space. It would be so much easier to jump on the train, and cycle in from the station to work!”

Adding to this she said “It’s great to see such a healthy initiative, to see urbi and the hospital encouraging people to lead more active lifestyles. It makes it easier to include daily exercise in my busy schedule!”

For those of you more health aware and exercise-inclined, a ride around Lake Joondalup could be what you need to soothe your soul in between appointments!

Our three geared bike allows you to choose between cruising casually to lunch, gliding in between lunch and window shopping and powering back to the hospital because your break was a touch too long. Whether you are an inexperienced rider, a novice or a well seasoned lycra warrior – urbi will suit you.

Whichever way and wherever you choose to ride, urbi will help you get there.