Your urbi

urbi for Business

Bike share isn’t just a practical transport solution for business; it adds to a positive corporate culture and creates buzz. That’s why it’s so popular with progressive businesses like Google, Apple and General Motors.

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urbi for business

urbi for Developers

As a developer, you know how important a point of difference can be. Whether you create new communities, build luxury apartment blocks or even retirement villages, urbi bike share will give your development a progressive and practical point of difference.

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urbi for developers

urbi for Campuses

Forward-thinking unis around the world have used bike-share networks to make campus life healthier, more efficient and better connected. Now urbi can bring a basket load of benefits to your campus.

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urbi for campuses

urbi for Councils

When it comes to enhancing the quality of a community’s life, few things are as simple and significant as bike-share. Especially if it’s a system as evolved and effective as urbi bike share.

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urbi for councils