We are on a mission to make bicycling a first choice mode of transport across Australia's cities.


Our vision

To inspire and empower a local community to lead the way in choosing the bicycle over the car.

Our mission

Urban Bike(urbi) is a social enterprise that is committed to helping a community bring back the bike and take back the streets.

We achieve our mission by forging collaborative partnerships with local governments, community groups and commercial partners who share our vision of making bike riding a functional part of Australia’s active transport options.

Together, we plant the seed of change. Together we get people to ride instead of drive. Together we build active communities.

What we do

We facilitate practical, low risk and low cost community focussed initiatives that support bicycling as a sustainable, equal and alternative mode of transport.

Our initiatives create an instant and positive behaviour change resulting in direct benefit for the community.
Changing the way we move is more than a tagline to us. It lies at the heart of urbi and is a commitment we make to our partners and communities across Australia.
By changing the way we move, we create healthy, active and sustainable towns and cities.

Partner with us

By partnering with urbi, we can start ‘planting the seed’ together.

To find out more about partnering with urbi, please complete the contact form. One of our team members will be in touch with you shortly.

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