urbi FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

urbi Bikeshare

Bike sharing is a growing, worldwide trend that connects people with where they want to go quickly and easily. It is fast becoming a popular choice of transport, connecting people to other public transport systems in urban areas – by providing a ‘last mile’ or ‘end of trip’ option for commuters.

Bike-share is also good for the environment, helping reduce traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.

urbi is an easy to use and affordable bike share system in Joondalup which allows you to hire a bike for a 45 minute trip and return it to any station within the network. Simply download the urbi app and register as a new rider, you can find a quick app how-to-guide by following the link.*

There are four access types available, single, daily, weekly, monthly. With the exception of a single access, which only allows for one 45 minute ride, all other access types give you unlimited 45 minute rides within a given time frame of one day, seven days, or one month respectively. If your ride lasts longer than 45 minutes you will be charged $6 for every hour or part thereof you have the bike.

* The urbi app can be downloaded on the Apple Store for iOS systems or the Play Store for android smartphones. Users must have Android version 5 or newer, or Apple version 8 or newer to be able to use the urbi app.

Yes. According to the law bicycle riders traveling on WA roads and paths must wear an approved helmet, which must be fastened at all times.

Courtesy helmets and hygienic helmet liners can be found within the cabinets at each station. Upon completion of your ride, please chain the urbi helmet onto the bike and dispose of used helmet liners in the bins provided. If you have your own helmet, please feel free to use it.

For further information on the law please visit the Western Australian Department of Transport website.

urbi is available to anyone 18 years and older with either a credit, or debit card. Minors 16 years and older can use urbi, but must be registered by a legal guardian and must remain under their responsibility. If you would like to register a minor to use urbi please contact us on (08) 9228 9009.

You can ride with urbi anywhere it is safe and legal to do so including public roads.

Bikes can only be accessed between 6am and 7pm. If a bike is out on any day past 7pm, it may be regarded a lost and the account holder might be charged for the recovery or replacement of the bike.

If you think that you might be late returning the bike call our friendly office staff on (08) 9228 9009 to let us know.

If you are still riding when all the stations close at 7pm you will still be able to return the bike by chaining it to the station. However, if a bike is not returned before 7pm the bike may be regarded as lost and the account holder may be charged for the recovery and replacement of the bike.

If you think that you may be late in returning the bike, call our friendly office staff on (08) 9228 9009 to let us know.

Immediately notify urbi by calling (08) 9228 9009, or use the contact us page in the urbi app.

If it was stolen you must call or visit the police station within 24 hours to file a police report and notify us of the details. The account holder may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike.

If you are close to an urbi station, please securely lock the bike to that station. If you are not near an urbi station, please lock the bike to an appropriate secure fixture.

Please report any damage using the app by clicking on the red bike on the main screen. Alternatively, please take a photo of the bike and let us know the location by phoning the office (08) 9228 9009 immediately.

Once we are aware of the location, you can leave the bike and continue on with your day but you will be held responsible until the bike is retrieved and we have given you an assessment on its condition.

Yes, you need a smartphone as the app is the easiest way to use urbi.

The app will display available stations on a map, with current bikes available, and free slots available for returns. You are also able to take out a bike, monitor your rides, return your bike and seek help in an accident or emergency using this app. You can find a quick app how-to-guide by following the link.*

If you’re having issues and you have a phone handy, call the urbi office on (08) 9228 9009 and one of our friendly staff will help you out.

* The urbi app can be downloaded on the Apple Store for iOS systems or the Play Store for Android smartphones. Users must have Android version 5 or newer, or Apple version 8 or newer to be able to use the urbi app.

Purchasing Access

While you are using urbi, based on your usage, the following charges may be incurred:

  • access fees, either for a single, daily, weekly, monthly access;
  • a credit card check, where the system automatically authorises and immediately refunds $1 as a check that the card is valid;
  • a deposit of $100, that is returned to you a full 24 hrs after the bike is returned, minus any extended use fees or damages, or for weekly and monthly access types when your access finishes;
  • extended use fees to a maximum of $48 each day (past the initial single ride of time of 45mins), and;
  • repair or replacement of a damaged or lost bike (up to $700).

It depends on your access type.

You have one day to start using your single access, a daily access will end at 7pm on the same day of use, regardless of the time started, and weekly and monthly access will end 7 days and 30 days respectively after the first hire.

You can upgrade your access type, however, you cannot purchase a new access of lesser value if current access is still valid. Once the access is expired, there is no refund if it has not been used.

When short-term access is purchased access (single, weekly and daily) a pre-authorisation hold of $100 is placed on your card account. This amount is not drawn from the account, rather, it serves as a security deposit and will be released when your access expires, unless you have accrued extended use fees, or a bike is stolen or damaged when under your hire. Holds may last up to 7 days, depending on your credit card company. We recommend using a credit card and not a debit card when using short-term access. Using a debit card may result in overdraft fees if you lack sufficient funds in your account to cover the hold. If you purchase monthly access, a one-off deposit of $100 is taken at the time that access is purchased and then returned at the end of your access month if there are no extended use fees, damage or loss to bikes used. This also applies when you use a free ride.
The extended use fees are a charge of $6 per hour (or part thereof) if a bike is not returned to an urbi station after the initial 45 minutes that is included when access is purchased. The maximum extended use fee for one day is $48. The extended use fees are automatically charged.

Our staff at urbi take your privacy very seriously.

We will never sell your information to third parties, and store your information securely. Your Credit Card details are stored securely, with the secure socket layer (SSL) software encrypting all information that is entered before it is sent for processing. If you prefer, you can call us on (08) 9228 9009 with your credit card details, and we can manually enter it for you.

Upon signing up, you will also be added to our mailing list, which you have the option to unsubscribe to.

Bike share is set up for the use and benefit of everyone in the community; hence any loss/damage of bikes will affect all other users. In order to prevent this, we require a security deposit, which will discourage any damage or theft.

Once an access option is purchased there is no refund or exchange, so please choose carefully. In extenuating circumstances, different access levels may be exchanged but you will need to call (08) 9228 9009 to apply for this.