WA road rules.

In News by Adelina Naidu

Though it’s pretty easy to get around WA by bike, changing laws can make things a little confusing if you’re not used to riding. It’s legal for people of all ages to ride on both the road and the footpath (unless signs say not to), with separate rules for each. Some of these include:

Riding on the footpath
• You must always wear a helmet.
• Pedestrians always have right of way.
• Ring your bell well in advance to let people know you’re coming.
• Ride in single file.
• Be careful around driveways.

Riding on the road
• You must always wear a helmet.
• Use hand signals to show your intention to turn and stop.
• Don’t ride more than two bikes side by side.
• Use the bike path if one is available.
• Maintain a distance of 2 or more metres when travelling behind vehicles.

You can find this information (and more) on the Road Safety Commission website.