Connecting people to where they want to go

In News by Aleisha Orr

We all know using public transport is a great way to decrease congestion and reduce our carbon footprint but it seems when it comes down to it, many Perth people favour convenience.
Recently released figures show usage of public transport in our city dropped for the fifth year in a row.
An online article by ABC News listed some of the reasons Perth people shun buses and trains.
One of the reasons listed was that public transport doesn’t go directly from where they are to where they want to go, making commutes inconvenient and longer.
This is an area bike-share can come in handy.
Having just launched our bike-share network in Joondalup we understand the importance of connecting people to the places they want to go.
We are big fans of getting people off congested roads and think bike-share and public transport can work hand in hand to do this.
Our bike station at Lakeside Shopping Centre’s carpark is right near the Joondalup train station, giving people another option to help them get where they are going.
With our plans to expand the Joondalup network and provide bike-share services in other areas across Perth, we are hoping we can help people with their commutes and make getting from point A to point B just a little easier.