Developing a focused workplace intervention to promote active travel

In News by Abi Lee

he first initiative is a pilot project among staff at Joondalup Health Campus, which will encourage workers to use urbi as an end-of-journey solution for a set time period, evaluate their perceptions of the experience, and monitor changes in their travel behaviour patterns.

“One of our goals is to partner with communities and employers so we can get more people out riding bikes and make Western Australia a better place to work and live,” said Ken Travers from urbi. “We’re really excited to be partnering with Joondalup Health Campus on our first workplace intervention.”

The intervention design draws on evidence from the health behaviour change and active travel literature. The initial phase will evaluate staff attitudes towards active travel and identify potential target segments, through intercept surveys. This research will guide the selection of a cohort to take part in the intervention. Beginning in the spring, urbi will provide the participants with training in the urbi app and docking system, optional rides around town with a cycling coach, events for the urbi rider group, and social support and motivation. This will be followed by post- trial and follow-up evaluations.

If you’d like to find out more about how urbi can promote and support active travel in your workplace, please get in touch:
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