Sustainable living & the bigger picture

In News, urbi Blogs by Aleisha Orr

We all know carbon dioxide emissions are bad for the environment and that the earth does not have a limitless supply of fossil fuels.
But somehow, somewhere between those factors and jumping in our cars each day there is a disconnect.
Studies have found there is generally a low interest in the idea of sustainable behaviour because each user perceives little harm is being done through their individual behaviour. As individuals, those resource pools seem so huge compared to the small impact our behaviour may have. This means in general, the benefits of sustainable behaviour are not clearly defined or valued in our society.
Research has found if people switched to riding a bike to work rather than driving, they could reduce a household’s emissions by about 6 per cent.
In 2016 it was estimated that more than 32 gigatons of carbon dioxide was emitted into the earth’s atmosphere. If everyone was able to reduce their emissions by six per cent, this would surely have to put some dent in that figure.
Small changes can make a big difference.